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I work with organizations 
facing change and driving change

I'm a user-centric, systems-oriented design strategist and researcher working in the private and social sectors in the U.S. and abroad.

I've led service design, CX/UX design, brand strategy and product development workstreams across industries, from retail to wellness, ag-tech to animal welfare. 

Boutique and mid-sized consultancies hire me to support on a wide array of projects, and I serve small businesses, nonprofits and social impact organizations directly. 

I'm highly empathetic and endlessly curious. I thrive at seeing the big picture while minding operational, brand-oriented and financial details. 


2018 in Uganda & small-scale CSR

After living in Uganda, East Africa for a year in 2018-2019 supporting NGOs and social enterprises, I have seen first-hand the power of applying classic strategy rigor and human-centered design to drive change for organizations, and ultimately the stakeholders they serve.

I am dedicated to offering part of my time low-bono to support the entrepreneurs and nimble organizations who passionately create and operate for the greater good.



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