I work with organizations 
facing change and driving change

I'm an independent strategy consultant working across the private and social sectors in the U.S. and abroad. Industries span retail and hospitality to education, ag-tech and animal welfare.
Areas of expertise range from discovery and strategy to marketing and service design. I'm versatile and I'm curious. ​As a former journalist and avid photographer, I also help organizations tell their stories.
Boutique and mid-sized consultancies hire me to support on a wide array of projects, from Dell to AT&T, and I serve small businesses, NGOs and social impact organizations directly. 

2018 in Uganda & small-scale CSR

I was trained in the private sector. But after living in Uganda, East Africa for a year in 2018-2019 supporting NGOs and social enterprises, I have seen first-hand the power of applying classic strategy rigor and human-centered design to drive change for organizations, and ultimately the stakeholders they serve.

I am dedicated to offering part of my time low-bono to support the entrepreneurs and nimble organizations who passionately create and operate for the greater good.




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