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Client: Last-Mile Agricultural Asset Financing Enterprise
Location: Northern Uganda
  • Landscape Analysis (SWOT & Competitor)
  • Insight Generation
  • Partnership Strategy
Challenge: An organization focused on improving livelihoods and incomes for rural Ugandan farmers by equipping them with tools and agricultural assets sought a growth plan and potential brand re-positioning. The enterprise was tasked with scaling their impact and also meeting the evolving product assortment needs of their customers.
Solution: As part of a larger workstream, partnering with a boutique local marketing and strategy firm, I led the landscape assessment phase, understanding the organization's unique position in the market based on our end users, distribution model, credit lending approach and product offerings. We considered our strengths and differentiators in relation to competitors and potential partners, which ranged from other asset providers to NGOs and microfinance groups.
The thorough internal and market analysis culminated in insights around the organization's potential approaches to growth, financial sustainability and continued impact. As the product assortment grew beyond initial offerings, a new name and brand were established. 
My Role: Design Researcher/Strategist, hired by Mighty Ally
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