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Client: Uganda Society for the Protection & Care of Animals
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Scope: Needs Assessment, Capacity Building, SOP Creation, Community Engagement, Campaign Generation
Challenge: The USPCA, Uganda's only companion animal shelter, has been critical in supporting the region's neglected and homeless animals. Stretched thin due to diverse programming, at capacity with animals and severely under-resourced, the shelter was in need of focus, staff training and an awareness campaign.
Solution: Mobilizing local and expat volunteers, a needs assessment was performed, demonstrating gaps in teammember capacity, operating procedures and inconsistency in messaging the NGO's good work. In partnership with the shelter's director, a 4-month capacity building program was launched to equip staff with the hard and soft skills to succeed in delivering on the newly formed standards of care and work processes.
To generate shelter awareness and place rescued animals in good homes, the first-ever Adoption Month campaign was launched, driving an increase in shelter visitation and animal adoption. Further spreading the word on a grassroots level, the shelter hosted community fundraising events and liaised with Local Chairmen on humane education & public canine sterilization projects, securing local and U.S.-based donor partners to support in-kind, in-person and monetarily.