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Client: The Vintage Monkey
Location: Sacramento, CA
  • Immersion Tour
  • Concept Development
  • Business Design
  • Retail Strategy
  • Brand Expansion
Challenge: Motorcycle aficionado, designer and TV personality Shasta Smith wanted to create an event venue and boutique retail experience as an extension of her celebrated design studio and motorcycle repair shop, The Vintage Monkey. The new concept aimed to provide an elevated "safe rebellion" and gathering space for fans, motorcycle enthusiasts and locals alike.
Solution: Minding financial KPIs and operational benchmarks while honoring the irreverent nature of The Vintage Monkey, a total concept of "Lube, Fuel, Gear" emerged. Here, cans of PBR juxtapose Napa's finest Cabernets and $5 patches are sold alongside bespoke leather goods. Across menu, event strategy, design, service and operations, we gave a niche lifestyle brand broad enough appeal to hit sales and investor payback targets.
Read Wall Street Journal brand coverage here.
My Role: Concept Development Manager at Synergy Restaurant Consultants
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